An opinion by Eco-Journalist Susie Donaldson

Enjoy an Eco Friendly Break in Dorset

More people than ever are concerned about the impact that their day to day activities, including their holidays, have on the environment. Luckily, your holiday in Dorset doesn’t have to leave as deep a carbon footprint as you might initially think. Here are a few reasons why a stay at Fullers Earth in Dorset is a wonderful option for an environmentally friendly break, and a few ideas for eco-friendly activities to enjoy during your Dorset-based holiday.

The Benefits of Staying in the UK

The most dramatic and impactful environmental decision you will make is choosing to stay in the UK in the first place. Choosing to take your holiday in Dorset rather than travel abroad will immediately increase the eco credentials of your break. As point out, the most obvious environmental impact of going on holiday is the pollution caused by flying. Going on holiday in the UK instead can help to combat this – even if you drive, it still creates less emissions than flying, especially if there are several of you in the car. Flying really is bad for the environment. In fact, according to the University College London Union, 6.3% of the UK’s carbon emissions are caused by aviation. Planes also release nitrogen oxide and can create condensation trails, leaving aviation responsible for 13% of the UK’s climate harming emissions. Choosing the much-discussed ‘staycation’ option, therefore, is the most environmentally important decision you are likely to make for the whole of your holiday, no matter what else you do during your holiday time.

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