Who’d have a thatched house?

It happens every 20 years or so but we’re thatching again.  Just one face and 2 ridges this time.  Great thatchers though – we’ve had a happy repartee over teas and breaks around the site and continuing in the Fox & Hounds.  Just a few days to...

Fete Date Dilemma

Cattistock Fete is on Sunday 15 July.  What a day to choose!  Wimbledon Men’s Final and World Cup Final on that afternoon.  Solution:  record them both and enjoy the best village fete in Dorset live!

Cattistock Village Website

A new Cattistock Village Website is currently being built.  This will enhance the many village activities and allow our guests to enjoy the Cattistock Experience. ….. we will let you know when cattistockvillage.co.uk is up and running.

Hawfinches in Cattistock

One of Britain’s rarest breeding birds has arrived in Cattistock.  Well, not one, more like 50! Is the collective noun a charm, trembling or trimming of hawfinches?  Whatever it is we’ve got them here in a corner of the field adjacent to Fullers...